Cyber Security
Australian Business

33% experienced a cyber crime in 2017.
Many were completely unaware.
Approximately 700,000 businesses impacted.
Can your business afford to be complacent?
We are Perth’s leading Cyber Security Specialists.

We can detect the source of the breach, take remedial action and ensure that your business security is strengthened to avoid another breach. We also provide a comprehensive audit service to identify weaknesses in your computer systems.

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Time is of the essence when responding to a cyber security event. It is critical that you don’t try to remedy a significant breach on your own or with only an antivirus or malware package. Hackers have the advantage of being one step ahead of you – often, by the time you notice the symptoms of a cyber security breach, the damage is serious and needs skilled intervention.

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Cyber-criminals love


IT managers cite budgetary constraints and management complacency as the biggest impediments to business security.

Antivirus Protection

Is not enough

Antivirus software can not respond quickly enough to new threats – it can take up to 24 hours to even detect a new virus.


Cyber Security Audits

A proven method to ensure business resilience. Businesses are 100% internet facing, creating the ideal environment for malicious intent.

Confidential Technology - Cyber Security

Cyber threat analysis and auditing services
for business and corporate clients.
Been hit by a cyber security incident?
We provide a rapid response service.

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External Security Scans

How vulnerable is your organization?

Internal Audits

Comprehensive internal system integrity audits.

Data Integrity

Comprehensive data / backup integrity testing.

Emergency Response

Hit by cyber crime?
Make sure you call us first.