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When you think “Cyber Security Perth” – think Confidential Technology Services. We offer a comprehensive suite of cyber security services covering emergency response, threat analysis and a full range of computer system auditing services. Our terms has intervened on cyber attacks involving millions of dollars in fraud and many times this has resulted in the recovery of funds. Don’t try to sort things out on your own – it is important to act as soon as possible.

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For emergencies, please call our emergency response number:+61 8 6558 1825

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We offer an emergency response incident management team. We have a qualified, specialist team on standby to react to any serious cyber security event or threat. If your business is hit with a cyber security threat, virus outbreak, ransom ware attack or denial of service please call us immediately. In most cases we can have a response onsite within an hour. A single phone call is all it takes.

Call us on: +61 8 6558 1825

While you are waiting for our response team, we recommend you have all your staff stop working on their computers and disconnect any internet service by turning off the modem or router. Do not turn off your computers. Do not attempt to make contact with any party issuing ransom demands and tell your staff not to respond to any instructions they may have received by email or over the phone. The first response is vital.

Cyber Security Perth - Incident Management