Our 2016 in review

    This was our year in 2017. Is your business cyber secure? Our range of security services are designed to expose every vulnerability that can make your organization a target to cyber criminals.


    Network Scans




    Networks Secured

    Cyber Security Services

    Internal Audits

    This is our most comprehensive service. It involves a complete audit of your IT systems and their vulnerabilities, covering items including:

    • Network devices
    • Firewalls
    • Server and workstation configuration
    • Data security
    • Employee practices
    • IT policies and compliance

    Data Integrity

    How secure is your data?
    If you suffered a cyber attack or critical data loss – how quickly could you recover?
    Are your backups working?
    Who really has access to your sensitive data?

    We can answer all of these questions with a comprehensive data integrity audit.

    Emergency Response

    If you have been hit by a serious security event, call us first.
    We will identify the cause and source of the attack, assist in restoring your systems and help ensure you don’t face a similar situation again.

    Website Hack Attack

    If your website or online service has been taken down by hackers or is under sustained attack, we have a specialist sub-team to handle this.

    We can thwart an attack, resurrect your site and ensure it can’t happen again.

    Consulting Services

    IT Reviews

    Confidential Technology Services conduct comprehensive IT reviews for the following purposes:

    • Compliance & accreditation audits
    • Needs analysis – is your IT system meeting the needs of your employees?
    • New technology evaluation – e.g transition to cloud services